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Where can you park for free in Bilbao?

Are you looking for a car park in Bilbao? Although we don't have free car parks, we do offer very affordable car parks in the centre of Bilbao, at Bilbao airport and the train station, so keep reading!

With Parclick you can book and ensure your parking space in any of them, at the best price. Here are the cheapest car parks in Bilbao:

  • Parking Indigo Instituto from €2.10 for 1 hour and €13.13 for 1 day.
  • Parking Zabaluburu from 2,50€ for 1 hour and 16€ for 1 day.
  • Parking Madariaga from 10€ for 1 day to 70€ for 1 week.
  • Parking Copark Pío Baraja from 16€ for 1 day to 63€ for 1 week.
  • Parking Copark Palacio Euskalduna from 60€ for 1 week.

Where can you leave your car in Bilbao?

You say Bilbao and you think of the Guggenheim? Good, but you know that Bilbao is much more than that, don't you? Bilbao is history, culture... and rain. The xirimiri is part of the city and the life of the people of Bilbao and that also makes it special. Get your umbrella and sunglasses ready, because you never know if, unexpectedly, that yellow fireball will come out to brighten up your day. Are you up for discovering Bilbao with us?

Book a car park in Bilbao

Your trip to Bilbao has to go smoothly, right? We often forget about one of the most important things on our trip: parking! But that's what we're here for, to tell you that finding a parking space near the centre of Bilbao is very easy, of course!

The best way to be sure that your car will stay in a safe and secure car park is to book in advance at one of our car parks in Bilbao. A comfortable, easy, and economical option.

Forget about having to spend countless hours at the last-minute wondering where to leave your car and wandering around the city of Bilbao. Covered car parks, outdoor car parks, 24-hour car parks... you can choose which one of all the car parks available best fits your plans. And there's no better way to do that than using Parclick, right? ;) Book from your mobile and secure your parking space as far in advance as you want.

Parking in the centre of Bilbao

Bilbao hides treasures among its neighbourhoods and streets, and we invite you to discover some of these privileged locations and spots, however, where there is the best atmosphere and where you can really soak up the city's life is in the centre of Bilbao.

The Ensanche, the city's financial and commercial area, is shaped by the Gran Vía, Plaza Elíptica, Indautxu and the streets Ercilla, Rekalde and Elcano. The modernist architecture of this neighbourhood is one of its characteristics. It is essential to taste the typical Basque gastronomy in any of Bilbao's taverns and sample all the typical products of the land. Of course, a pintxo route through the centre of Bilbao is a wonderful idea, and a MUST! ;)

On the shores of the Bilbao estuary (Nervión estuary), you can find THE monument par excellence. The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. Just looking at it from the outside will leave you mesmerised. And, as if that wasn't enough, the Museum of Fine Arts, a great plan if you decide to spend a more cultural morning. It's always good to nurture the mind. ;)

Parking near Bilbao's Old District

This is, without a doubt, the heart of the city. Bilbao's Casco Viejo is known for its famous "seven streets", which emerged after the demolition of the city wall that once dominated the area. There are many bars, restaurants, and shops throughout the Casco Viejo. This is where you will find La Plaza Nueva, the ideal place to start your pintxos (and txakoli, why not) route. ;) If you need to ditch your car, we recommend parking in the Copark Pío Baroja car park, located in Plaza Pío Baroja.

This is also where you'll find many of Bilbao's most distinctive tourist attractions, such as Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral of Santiago, the oldest building in the city. Leaving the Casco Viejo, we reach the Ribera Market, a must-see, or El Arenal, where we can admire one of the most significant and beautiful buildings in the city: the Arriaga Theatre.

Parking close to San Mamés

The second cathedral. The San Mamés stadium. The place where the lions roar mightily. Whether you like football or not, it is worth a visit even if it is only to contemplate its magnificent structure. If you fancy a kalimotxo or a beer or tea, this is the starting point of Pozas Street, full of bars and good vibes. Also, when Athletic Club plays at home, you can' t imagine what to expect. If you are going to visit, we highly recommend that you park in the Copark Palacio Euskalduna car park, located at Avenida de Abandoibarra, 4.

Not far away is Doña Casilda Park, known as the "duck park" among the locals. A wonderful place to take a stroll or spend some time with the children. And right next door is the Palacio Euskalduna, one of Bilbao's major centres for conferences, events and shows.

And we can' t forget to mention it. Among the people of Bilbao, it is a symbol: the Carola crane. Yes, yes, it is a crane. It was used in the construction of ships for the Euskalduna shipyards and belongs to the Maritime Museum of the Bilbao Estuary, a highly recommended stop if you want to learn a little more about the history of the city. And absorb a bit of local culture. ;)

What is the green zone in Bilbao?

If you want to park on the street in Bilbao, you should be aware that the parking situation in Bilbao is quite curious as, in the tourist areas and its famous Casco Viejo, the pedestrian streets appear one after the other on many of its corners. The regulated parking in Bilbao, known as the OTA, is almost everywhere around the city and there are more and more streets in the municipality with the classic paid parking areas. The general operating hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 1: 30 pm and from 3: 00 pm to 8: 00 pm (except on public holidays) and are divided into two zones

  • Green zone: parking time-limited to five hours.
  • Blue zone: parking time limited to two hours.

However, there are exceptions (Good!) and there is no OTA on the following dates

  • Saturdays in July and August.
  • Afternoons in August.
  • Saturdays before a public holiday (Holy Saturday...).

Another option that many inhabitants of Bilbao take on weekdays is to park in the neighbourhoods at the ends of Bilbao where there is no OTA and take the metro or bus (saving money is always good).

However, if you want to fully enjoy your stay in Bilbao, one of the best options is to leave your car in a guarded car park in the centre of Bilbao so that you can get around as easily and comfortably as possible. Who doesn't like to be in the middle of a party, eh? ;)

Where can I leave my car in Bilbao to go to the airport?

Travelling from Bilbao airport

A small airport, big destinations. However, before we tell you about the airport, a quick tip to get you started. If your flight departs from Bilbao airport, grab a good beer at Explorando el Mundo with a pintxo while you wait for your gate number (you always have to be on time) ;)

Bilbao airport is located just 12 km from the centre of Bilbao, in the town of Loiu. The fastest way to get to the airport is by car. That's why our advice is to book in advance in our long-stay car parks at Bilbao Airport. Why? Because we want to help you plan your trip, even if we can't (or won't).

One thing we can help you with (and we're very good at it) is finding a cheap car park near Bilbao airport that suits your needs and expectations. Book with Parclick and you'll have what you were looking for ;).

  • Parking AENA Bilbao Airport - General P1 is the official airport parking, you will park right at the terminal of your flight.
  • Parking FLYPARK - P&R is a car park with a free shuttle service to the airport.
  • Parking FLYPARK - Valet is a car park with a valet parking service, they will pick you up and deliver your car at the airport.

Travelling by train from Bilbao

Abando Indalecio Prieto Station: this is Bilbao's main train station and is located in the Plaza Circular, in the heart of the city centre. It offers both long-distance and suburban trains to destinations such as Santander, San Sebastian, Leon, Zaragoza, Madrid, or Barcelona. Right in the heart of Bilbao city centre, it is recommended to book in advance in a car park near Abando Indalecio Prieto station to be on time to catch the train; if you need to park, you can book your parking space in the Saba Estación Bilbao car park from 35,75€ for 3 days.

Departure by bus from Bilbao

Termibus: Termibus station is the largest bus station in Bilbao. Located in the San Mamés neighbourhood (yes, in the same neighbourhood where San Mamés Cathedral is located) it offers services to different towns and cities in the country such as Madrid, Barcelona, Cáceres or Alicante. It also offers routes to different parts of the province by Bizkaibus, and you can get directly to Bilbao airport by taking the A3247 line. But be careful, because it is not easy to park on the street near the station, so our advice from Parclick is... don't forget to book your parking space in a car park near Termibus. And don't forget your headset (important) so you don't get bored on the bus ;).

How to get around Bilbao?

Bilbao is one of the cities that has experienced the greatest growth in tourism over the last few years. Despite having a long industrial and commercial tradition, it has been able to adapt to a more cosmopolitan aesthetic to attract visitors and become one of the most popular tourist centres. As a result, more and more tourists are choosing to travel to Bilbao by car to visit the city.

Therefore, before entering the city with your car, we advise you to keep a few things in mind: if you plan to drive through the Casco Viejo of Bilbao, you should know that almost all streets restrict access to vehicles without authorisation. These vehicles are taxis, authorised cargo transporters, vehicles for the physically disabled and emergency vehicles. However, it is possible to circulate in these streets from 8 am to 11 am for loading and unloading and during the rest of the hours, only for authorized vehicles.

And watch out! because many streets in the city of Bilbao have changed the speed limit to 30 km/h, except for the main streets of the city, which are 50 km/h. So please drive with caution, as always. ;)

Getting around Bilbao

Bilbao. Its estuary. Its streets. Its hidden corners. You have to discover the city for yourself. One of the most comfortable alternatives for getting around Bilbao is to park in the city centre and then walk through its beautiful streets. However, you may have to use Bilbao's public transport to get to some places. Here is a brief explanation of what you should know about the main forms of transport:

Getting around Bilbao by metro

The Bilbao metro offers a very good service, as its three lines not only allow you to move around the city centre, but also to access many of the strategic places, as well as the beaches and the different nearby towns. Its timetable is as follows

  • Sunday to Thursday: from 06:00 to 23:00.
  • Friday: from 06:00 to 02:00h.
  • Saturdays: all night.
  • Evenings before public holidays and special events: special services.

Taking a bus in Bilbao

The city bus, known as Bilbobus, is also an option to consider. There are many places where the metro does not reach or leaves you far from your destination, so the bus is a very good option when you want to leave the car in the car park and prefer to travel by transport. The Bilbobus runs through all the city's neighbourhoods, with 35 lines and service from 06:00-07:00h until 22:00-23:00h.

However, there is also a night bus called Gautxori. This bus runs from 23:00h to 02:00-02:30h on Fridays and all night on Saturdays, so you can go out partying ;)

Also, to get to the towns around the city, you can take the Bizkaibus which goes all over the province of Biscay. Let's get to know the world! (Exaggerating, like the people from Bilbao).

Bilbao on foot

Walk as if the world were going to end tomorrow. Well, there's no need to exaggerate either. You can walk the streets of Bilbao at your own pace, you'll enjoy the city just as much. And if you want to get around on foot, did you know that one of the best options is to leave your car in a car park in the centre of Bilbao and then walk around the city? In case we haven't already told you ;)

What to see in Bilbao?

This provincial capital belongs to what is known as the historic territory of Vizcaya. It is the most populated city in the Basque Country with more than 340,000 inhabitants. One of the peculiarities is that the city of Bilbao is surrounded by mountains, which leaves spectacular landscapes that contrast with its more urban part.

This city has been awarded several international prizes, making it one of the most cosmopolitan, well-kept, and eye-catching cities in the world (and normal). In 2010, it won the "Nobel" prize for urban planning. Its streets are undoubtedly an example of cleanliness, history, and culture. We are already saving a space in our agenda to escape to Bilbao, and you? ;).

What to do in Bilbao?

Shore excursion

How about going on an adventure trip? Yes, let's go! There are so many beautiful and wonderful places to see around Bilbao that we don't know which one to choose. But a visit to the coast is a must during your visit to the city. The closest beaches from the capital are Las Arenas, Ereaga and Arrigunaga. However, there is one beach that stands out for its surfing waves, cliffs, and fine golden sand: Arrietara, in Sopela. And for surfers, there is also Mundaka beach, considered to be one of the best in Europe for this water sport.

Summer or winter, the Biscayan coast is well worth a visit. If it is still "cool" during your visit, you can take off your shoes and dip your feet in the sea (they say that cold water is good for the circulation). But if you are not convinced by this idea, another option is to have a drink on one of the best terraces on the Biscayan coast, of which there are many.

Events in Bilbao

  • Aste Nagusia: the txupinera throws the txupin, the marijaia comes out onto the balcony and the whole of Bilbao sings its song. This is how the best 9 days of festivities in the city begin (the Saturday after the 15th of August). Bilbao's Big Week. The konpartsak, which give meaning to the festivities and its txosnas, where the atmosphere is unbeatable. If you have the chance to visit Bilbao at this time of year, do so, and order yourself a kalimotxo, or two. But don't forget one thing (because you can imagine how crowded the city is during these days): book a parking space in advance during Bilbao's Semana Grande. ;)
  • Bilbao BBK Live Festival: this festival takes place in Kobetamendi, one of the best sights in Bilbao and has been held in the Biscayan capital since 2006. For three days in July, great national and international artists from the music scene (and local artists, of course) liven up one of the most important festivals in Europe, attracting thousands of festivalgoers from different countries. Pop, rock, electronica... there's music of all kinds here. Come, sing, shout, scream, dance, let your hair down, but before all that, make sure you have booked your place in a car park near the Bilbao BBK Live Festival.

Stadiums in Bilbao

San Mamés Stadium: can you hear the lions roar? The San Mamés stadium is a unique and incomparable stadium, where the players and fans of Athletic Club make their presence felt. Even if you don't feel the colours, if you go to a match in this stadium you will leave with such a high that you might even consider changing team ;). So, if you're lucky enough to have tickets to attend a match and share this experience with more than 53,000 fans, don't forget that with Parclick you can park near the San Mamés stadium in one of our secure car parks. Get ahead of the rest!

More about Bilbao

Bilbao is one of the cities which has experienced the highest growth in tourism in recent years. Despite having a long industrial and commercial tradition, it has managed to adapt to the most cosmopolitan aesthetic to hoard visitors and become one of the most praised tourist centres.

The situation of parking in Bilbao is quite interesting because, in the tourist areas and in its famous old town, there are pedestrian streets to be found everywhere. Of course, this should warn you of the impossibility of arriving by car. In addition, regulated parking, known as OTA, is implemented throughout the city. There are more and more streets in the municipality that have the classic parking areas.

Regulated parking in Bilbao is divided into two options:

  • Blue zone: limited parking time to two hours.
  • Green area: you can park for a maximum of five hours.

In both areas it is necessary to pay for a ticket. The most important characteristic is that the established time can be extended from anywhere, thanks to the registration reading system. However, in the more touristic areas of Bilbao it is difficult to find free parking spaces.

For that matter, Parclick puts at your disposal different possibilities of parking in Bilbao, which you can book before you arrive to avoid the problems caused by traffic and driving through an unknown city.

Public transport in Bilbao

If you book your parking with Parclick you can forget about the car during your holidays, since Bilbao offers you many public transport options. The metro of the city offers good service, since through its two lines it allows access to all the strategic places, as well as to the beaches and to different nearby towns. In addition, the schedules are very flexible.

The city bus, known as Bilbobus, is also an option to consider. Without forgetting the bicycle. There are several companies that rent tourist bikes in the Biscayan capital.

Holidays in Bilbao

This provincial capital belongs to the well-known historical territory of Biscay. It is the most populated city in the Basque Country with more than 340,000 inhabitants. Something very interesting is that Bilbao is completely surrounded by mountains, which leaves spectacular landscapes that contrast with its more urban part.

This city has been awarded with different international awards, which make it one of the most cosmopolitan, well-cared for and striking cities in the world. In 2010, it won the "Nobel" prize for urbanism. Its streets, undoubtedly, are an example of cleanliness, history and culture.

The construction of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao meant a before and after for the district, which began to develop its aesthetic changes as a result of this fact. The old town of Bilbao is known for its well-known "seven streets", which emerged after the demolition of the wall that presided over the area. Since 1979 this whole spot is pedestrian. This has enabled the spreading of bars, restaurants and shops throughout the historic centre. In addition, many of the most characteristic tourist points of interest of Bilbao are located here.

The Ensanche is the financial and commercial area of ​​the city. Its streets welcome many visitors every day, who, no doubt, are perplexed with the modernist architecture of this place. It is essential to taste the typical Basque gastronomy in any of the taverns available, since you can taste all the most famous products in the world. Of course, making a pintxo route is a wonderful idea.

If you want to enjoy your trip to Bilbao remember to check the parking possibilities offered by Parclick. You´re sure to find the option of parking in Bilbao that best suits your needs.

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