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Print the voucher and leave it clearly on the dashboard before you park. Need to catch a train from Nuremberg central station? So your ticket is booked, maybe even a cheeky seat reservation too? Sounds like a stress free arrival to the station… but wait! What about your parking space? What? You thought you were just going chance it? Well, we wouldn’t recommend doing so, which is why we have the Essenweinstrasse open air car park for you! Arrive at the car park park and go to the station stress-free! Coming to Nuremberg? Well, this car park is surrounded by a few goodies too! Into trains? Well then how about the DB Nuremberg Transport Museum. It’s the ideal place for every train aficionado, in this museum, you will find exhibitions on the history of the railway, the railway in the 19th and 20th centuries and an exhibition just for the kids! Not really into trains? That’s okay, how about the theatre? This car park is super close to the Openhaus, which is also known as the Stattstheater. Here you can catch everything from operas, ballets, concert and plays. So park up close all thanks to the Essenweinstrasse car park! Why ever you want to park in this area of Nuremberg, for a short or long stay, parking at the Essenweinstrasse car park is a great option, especially thanks to its great prices. They start from just one euro.Llegir-ne menys
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