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Where can I park for free in Lisbon?

Are you scratching your head trying to find your cheapest option of parking in Lisbon? If you have been lucky enough that your hotel has an area on the street reserved for their guests or they have a parking lot, we advise you not remove it from there, except if you want to visit the Belém Tower or if you want to make a trip to Sintra or Cascaes

The capital and the largest city in Portugal, the one and only Lisboa offers all kinds of activities and dazzles us with its magnificent places of interest. Not only that, but it can be the perfect destination for your next vacation: a family getaway, a romantic weekend at the beach, to make the most of Lisbon's nightlife and, ultimately, it offers you a full-fledged cultural trip. 

Thinking about adding more days to your trip? Go ahead and you will have more time to fall in love with Sintra or enjoy Cascaes to the fullest. 

If you want to know more about what to bear in mind when traveling and parking in Lisbon, read on :)

Parking in Lisbon center

If your hotel doesn't have a car park, it's very difficult to find a place to park for free in Lisbon. Everyone knows that it's much better to book a parking space in the center of Lisbon! Don't think twice and don't let parking in Lisbon rob you of your desire to travel.

In the Baixa and in the neighborhoods of the historic center, the streets are narrow and there is little space. So, if you are not familiar with the area, it would be best not to venture into the streets of the historic center... as they are a maze! It would be more advisable to leave your vehicle in one of our parking lots in Lisbon. This way, the time you save from trying to find a car park can be spent strolling around Lisbon's points of interest. It' s well worth it! Here are a few affordable car parks that we have in the city center of Lisbon:

Closest options

Car Parks 1 hour 1 day 3 days 5 days 7 days
SABA Praca do Municipio Car Park   32, 85  euros 96,45 euros 152,20 euros  
The Luminares Car Park 2,10 euros 25 euros     175 euros
RedPark-Valet- Estacao Do Rossio Car Park   40 euros 50 euros 70 euros 90 euros


There are some cheaper car parks situated a little further away, which you can find by sorting the car park options by price! Just go up this page, write in our search engine the address of your destination, and then select whether you wish to sort our parkings by distance or price. You will then see the many choices of parkings in Lisbon we offer, and can compare prices, services and read customer reviews to select the best car park for you!

Parkings near Lisbon Airport

Lisbon airport is only 6 kilometers away from the city center. Despite its proximity, you may prefer to save time and drive to the Lisbon airport. Therefore, if you are planning a trip, it would be best to reserve a parking space at one of our Lisbon airport car parks. This way, you'll have that extra time to sleep 5 more minutes, have a nice lunch or finish packing your suitcase. Check out our interactive map and after booking with us, you will be able to park close to Lisbon airport!

And if you plan to be away from Lisbon for more than a week, no problem! From prices starting at 5 euros / day, we also have long-stay parking lots at the Lisbon airport, so enjoy your trip knowing that your car will be in one of our monitored car parks at the Lisbon airport!

Parkings near Lisbon train stations

  • Oriente Station: located in the Parque das Nações, it has become Lisbon's main train station. This is because trains complete their journey at this station and trains depart from here to the south of Portugal. Also, from here you can take a train to Lisbon airport. If you prefer to travel by train, make your trip convenient by booking in advance and parking near the Oriente Station.

    • Most convenient option: SABA Gare do Oriente Car Park. Some of its prices: 8 euros / 1 day; 52,85 euros / 7 days; 104,20 euros / 15 days.

    • See other options here

  • Rossio Station: it is located in Baixa from where most of the trains depart to Sintra, one of the must-see cities in Portugal.

  • Cais do Sodré Station: it is in the center of Lisbon, and is the station from where trains depart to Cascaes, Estoril or Carcavelos. For a stress-free journey, reserve a parking space in a Parclick car park near the Cais do Sodré station.

Is parking free in Portugal?

In the modern part of Lisbon and around the Baixa, you will find places where you can park on the street with parking meters. But first, you have to take into account that in Lisbon there are 3 zones:

  • Green zone: it is outside the center of Lisbon and it has a maximum stay of 4 hours and is €0.80 per hour.

  • Yellow zone: it is in the secondary streets inside the center of Lisbon, has a maximum stay of 4 hours and costs €1.20 per hour.

  • Red zone: it is in the streets of Baixa, Chiado and in some main avenues, such as Liberdade, Berna, Joao XXI and part of Republica. It has a maximum time of 2 hours and is €1.60 per hour.

WARNING: if you exceed the time limit, you may get a fine and never get it, but may come back and get your car clamped. Do not risk it, book a parking space in the parking lot in Lisbon of your choice during your stay: this way your car will be secured during your stay, for a cheap price!

As many car parks have a pay and display system, we would recommend you choose between one of many car parks located all around the city, so you can have a stress-free stay, knowing that your car is in good hands.

How do you pay for parking in Portugal?

With on-street parking, you have to pay the parking meter using cash/coins and pay for the amount of time you think you will need to be parked (be careful to remember the maximum time you are allowed to be parked depending on the parking area you are parked in!). Failing to pay can result in your car being clamped and then towed away, with you having to pay a fine.   

Booking a parking place in Rome online is a good alternative to looking for street parking in Rome! Indeed, there are a number of benefits from booking through Parclick!

Parclick can offer you discounts up to 70% on original prices, our car parks are located in many strategic places of interest around the city and they are monitored 24/7, guaranteeing you good security for your vehicle. Thanks to Parclick, you will have a peace of mind since you won’t have to struggle to find a parking spot, nor will you need to keep going back to pay the parking meter once you completed your maximum parking time. What are you waiting for? Reserve a parking spot with Parclick now, so that you can forget worrying about finding spaces and getting fined. 

Is Lisbon safe at night?

Lisbon is known to be a very safe city, with low crime and violence rates. Of course, as for most European capitals, while travelling in general, tourists should be careful about petty crimes such as pickpocketing and so on, but Lisbon is a generally safe city to be in.

Is Lisbon worth visiting?

Lisbon is absolutely a city worth visiting, with its amazing tourist attractions and events! As is common in all cities when there are important events or world-famous festivals, finding a place to park in Lisbon becomes a challenge that many avoid solving. That's why Parclick recommends that you reserve a parking space in advance in one of our car parks in Lisbon. Some events in Lisbon are…

Events in Lisbon

  • Festival of Iberian Mask: the most important event usually held in May. Every year, it brings together masked groups from Portugal and Spain for a few days of festivities. Its program usually includes handicraft exhibitions, concerts, talks, contests and many activities.

  • The feast of St. Anthony of Padua: Celebrated in June, the city is usually wrapped in a festival atmosphere and the smell of sardines! In addition, a parade is held on Avenida da Liberdade. From these festivities, a summer of fado shows, exhibitions, festivals, jazz concerts, and much more begins!

  • International tourism fair (BTL): every year, it is the meeting place for professionals involved in tourism and the importance of implementing innovations in the market.

Concert venues in Lisbon

  • Altice Arena: it is the largest pavilion in Portugal and is located in Lisbon's Parque das Nações. As a fact, it was where the MTV EMA gala was held in 2005 or Eurovision in 2018. To park near Altice Arena, you'd better book in advance a spot in one of our parking lots in Lisbon's Parque das Nações.

  • Campo Pequeno: is a bullring located on Avenida da República in Lisbon. It is another venue that hosts shows and concerts every year. As with Altice Arena, park near the Campo Pequeno bullring and book in advance with Parclick :)

Stadium in Lisbon

  • Estadio da Luz: or Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, is the soccer stadium in Lisbon where SL Benfica matches are played. It is the largest stadium in Portugal and was built in 2003 due to the 2004 European Championship. Fun fact, it was in this stadium that Real Madrid won its tenth European Cup.

Is Lisbon a walkable city?

Lisbon is a walkable city but it is far from being flat. With all of its hills, you might want to consider using public transportation! Besides, there are many to choose from!

  • Getting around Lisbon by tram

For Lisboners it is a means of transportation, but for a tourist it is like another attraction. In fact, it is the most important tourist attraction in Lisbon.

After leaving your car parked in one of our parking lots in Lisbon, this is a very good option for getting around Lisbon. It has a lot of advantages: it takes you to the historic center and is cheap. What's more, from the funicular you will see Lisbon from a different point of view. Oh, I forgot, it's also great for a good photo shoot ;).

Of course, you can't leave Lisbon without getting on the vintage tram 28, which takes you from St. George's Castle to the Bairro Alto. It's like one of those double-decker buses that take you all over the city! But smaller and where you will enjoy much more. A little tipwe give you: it's best to get on the funicular outside of rush hour since it's usually crowded! Not only by tourists but also by the locals who use it every day.

Another tram  to keep in mind is tram 15, as it takes you all the way to Belém :).

  • Getting around by Lisbon’s “elevators” or funiculars

In Lisbon, the "elevators" are essentially funiculars that will help you climb Lisbon's famous slopes, that are typical of the city - you're not going to spend all your energy climbing one! 

There are four funiculars: 

  1. Elevador do Lavra

  2. Elevador da Glória

  3. Elevador da Bica

  4. Elevador de Santa Justa, the most touristic and famous one.

  • Getting around by subway

It is the best option if you want to get to places fast (but without enjoying the views). It is considered one of the nicest and cleanest in Europe. It currently serves 4 lines: Blue, Yellow, Green and Red.  Its schedule is from 6.30 am to 1.00 am. The downside of the metro is that it lacks transfer possibilities and does not reach certain areas of Lisbon, such as Belém.

  • Getting around by bus

Getting around Lisbon by bus

It is the most used means of transport as there are areas where the metro or streetcar does not reach. Bus schedules are different for each one, but most lines operate from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. However, the major lines usually run until midnight. Don't worry! In Lisbon there are two types of night buses: Rede da Madrugada (lines 201-210) and Night Bus (lines 1 and 2).

  • Getting around on foot

What better than booking a parking space in the center of Lisbon and wandering around the city until you get tired, then using the city’s different public transportation means. You will discover much more wandering and getting lost in this wonderful city!

Now that you know more about what to do in Lisbon and where to park, do not hesitate! Reserve a parking space with Parclick now, to have a stress-free and fun time in Lisbon. See you there!

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